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EEET2472 Lab-on-a-Chip, Biomedical Devices and BioNanoEngineering, EEET2449 Research Methods for Engineers, EEET2449 EEET2449 Research Methods for Engineers, EEET2427 Computer and Network Security, EEET2426 Engineering Project Design & Management, systtems, EEET2425 Mobile Computing, EEET2424 Computer and Network Security, EEET2423 Engineering Project Design & Management, EEET2422 Mobile Computing, EEET2422 EEET2422 Mobile Computing, EEET2397 Extended Professional Engineering Project 2, systtems, EEET2393 Electronic Systems for Automotive Applications, EEET2389 Power Electronic Converters, EEET2388 Industrial Automation, EEET2387 Switched Mode Power Supplies, EEET2384 Introduction to Electrical Building Design, EEET2383 Electrical Transport Engineering, EEET2381 Advanced Power Systems, EEET2379 MicroNanoSystems, MEMS, and NEMS, systtems, EEET2371 Wireless Sensor Networks, EEET2369 Signals and Systems, EEET2369 EEET2369 Signals and Systems, EEET2368 Network Fundamentals and Applications, EEET2347 Professional Engineering Project Part B, systtems, EEET2339 Power System Analysis and Control, EEET2338 Variable Speed Drives, EEET2337 Electrical Energy Conversion, EEET2336 Protection and High Voltage Engineering, EEET2335 Renewable Electrical Energy Systems, EEET2332 Biosignal Processing and Computing, EEET2331 Bioelectromagnetism, EEET2318 Network Design and Performance, EEET2317 EEET2317 Network Design and Performance, EEET2316 Intelligent Systems, EEET2315 Computer Robotics Control, EEET2310 Radar Systems, systtems, EEET2309 RF and Microwave Circuits, EEET2294 Network Management and Software Defined Networks, EEET2292 Enterprise and Cloud Networks, EEET2290 Network Engineering, EEET2274 Electrical Energy Conversion, EEET2273 Protection and High Voltage Engineering, EEET2270 RF and Microwave Circuits, EEET2263 Electrical Plant, EEET2261 Computer Architecture and Organisation, systtems, EEET2260 Electronic Materials, EEET2257 Engineering Design 2, EEET2256 Introduction to Embedded Systems, EEET2255 Electronics, EEET2254 Communication Engineering 1, EEET2251 Engineering Design 1, EEET2251 Digital Systems Design 1, EEET2250 Software Engineering Design, EEET2250 Engineering Computing 2, EEET2249 Circuit Theory, EEET2248 Engineering Methods, EEET2248 Electrical Engineering Analysis, EEET2247 Enterprise Engineering, EEET2247 Electrical Engineering Practice, EEET2246 Engineering Computing 1, EEET2238 Biosignal Processing and Computing, systtems EEET2227 Smart Embedded Systems, EEET2224 Power Electronic Converters, EEET2221 Real Time Estimation and Control, EEET2169 Image Processing, EEET2166 Real Time Systems Engineering, EEET2165 Computer Robotics Control, EEET2161 Smart Embedded Systems, EEET2160 Bioelectromagnetism, EEET2148 Electronic Materials, EEET2147 Numerical Analysis of Electronic Devices, EEET2145 Embedded Systems: Operating Systems and Interfacing, EEET2115 Communication Engineering 2, EEET2114 Wireless and Guided Waves, EEET2113 Signals and Systems 2, EEET2113 Digital Signal Processing 1, EEET2109 Control Systems, EEET2106 Power System Analysis and Control, systtems, EEET2105 Industrial Automation, EEET2100 Advanced Control Systems, EEET2099 Variable Speed Drives, EEET2098 Electronic Engineering 3, EEET2097 Electronic Circuits, EEET2096 Embedded System Design and Implementation, EEET2047 Project Management & Entrepreneurship , EEET2045 Semiconductor Device Fabrication , EEET2044 MicroNanoSystems, MEMS, and NEMS, EEET2038 Digital System Design , EEET2035 Design With Hardware Description Languages, EEET1550 Telecommunication Engineering Project, EEET1471 Signal Processing for Multimedia and Telemedicine, EEET1467 Circuit and System Simulation , EEET1465 Medical Engineering and Instrumentation , systtems, EEET1464 Sensors and Measurement Technologies, EEET1462 Audio Engineering , EEET1417 Biomedical Signal Analysis, EEET1416 Digital Signal Processing for Communication Engineering, EEET1415 Circuit and System Simulation, EEET1414 Biomedical Instrumentation, EEET1413 Sensors and Measurement Technologies, systtems, EEET1412 Audio Engineering, EEET1368 Advanced Control Systems , EEET1316 Electrical Engineering 1, EEET1262 Real Time Systems Design, EEET1262 EEET1262 Real Time Systems Design, EEET1256 Digital Design Automation, EEET1255 Image Systems Engineering, EEET1152 Network Services and Internet Applications , EEET1148 Network Access Systems , EEET1142 Project Preparation, Planning and Problem Solving, EEET1141 Mobile and Personal Commun Systems Engineering PG, EEET1138 Satellite Communication Systems Engineering PG, systtems, EEET1133 Optical Fibre Technology PG, EEET1131 Antennas for Mobile and Satellite Communications PG, EEET1126 Optical Fibre Systems and Networks PG, EEET1123 Digital Signal Processing, EEET1119 EEET1119 Telecommunication Engineering 1, EEET1089 Network Services and Internet Applications, EEET1086 Network Access Systems, EEET1083 Mobile and Personal Communication Systems Engineering, EEET1083 Advanced Mobile and Wireless Systems Engineering, EEET1080 Satellite Communication Systems Engineering, systtems, EEET1075 Optical Fibre Technology, EEET1074 Antennas, EEET1070 Optical Fibre Systems and Networks, AERO2248 Engineering, Society and Sustainability, AUTO1006 Vehicle Power Systems, AUTO1018 Industrial and Vehicle Aerodynamics, MANU1417 Advanced Robotics, MANU1418 Computer Integrated Manufacturing, systtems, MANU2095 Manufacturing Systems, MATH2117 Engineering Mathematics C, MATH2118 Further Engineering Mathematics C, MATH2124 Math & Stats for Aero, Mech & Auto, MIET1068 Mechanical Design 2, MIET1071 Solid Mechanics 3, MIET1076 Mechanical Vibrations, MIET1077 Mechanics of Machines, MIET1081 Advanced Thermo-Fluid Mechanics, systtems, MIET1084 Finite Element Analysis, MIET1088 Engineering Computer Graphics, MIET1199 Management of Mechanical Design and Research, MIET2002 Advanced Engineering Computer Aided Design, MIET2004 Mechanical Design 3, MIET2006 Automatic Control, MIET2009 Remote Area Power Supply, MIET2011 Computational Engineering 1, MIET2032 Renewable Energy Systems, MIET2039 Applied Heat and Mass Transfer, MIET2093 Computer Aided Design, MIET2115 Mechanics and Materials 2, MIET2116 Engineering and Enterprise, MIET2134 Engineering Dynamics, MIET2362 Mechatronic Design, MIET2370 Mechatronics Principles, MIET2389 Special Topics in Engineering, MIET2394 Computational Fluid Dynamics, MIET2419 Mechanics and Materials 1, MIET2420 Mechanical Design 1, MIET2421 Applied Thermodynamics, MIET2422 Fluid Mechanics of Mechanical Systems, systtems, OENG1076 Professional Research Project (Industry), EEET1368 Advanced Control Systems , MANU2211 Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, MANU2453 Advanced Robotic Systems, MIET2129 Sustainable Energy Systems and Design, MIET2487 Advanced Dynamics, MIET2488 Advanced Heat Transfer, MIET2489 Advanced Thermo Fluids, MIET2490 Advanced Mechanics of Solids, MIET2491 Advanced CAE, OENG1115 Innovation and Technology Management, OENG1116 Modelling and Simulation of Engineering Systems, OENG1117 Risk and Project Management, OENG1118 Sustainable Engineering Practice and Design, OENG1120 Research Methods in Engineering, systtems, BUIL1149 Property Economics, BUIL1264 Construction Specialisation, BUIL1266 Industrial Environment, CIVE1105 Rock Mechanics, CIVE1108 Geotechnical Engineering 2, CIVE1143 Analysis of Complex Structures, CIVE1145 Catchment Water Management, CIVE1149 Engineering Practice 5 Construction Management, CIVE1151 Concrete Structures 2, CIVE1153 Stormwater Management, CIVE1155 Engineering Practice 6 - Sustainable Infrastructure Design, CIVE1157 Transport Engineering 2, CIVE1159 Geotechnical Engineering 3, CIVE1163 Long span and High rise Structures, CIVE1173 Infrastructure Management, CIVE1177 Concrete Structures 1, CIVE1178 Geotechnical Engineering 1, CIVE1179 Steel Structures 1, CIVE1180 Transport Engineering 1, CIVE1181 Water Engineering, CIVE1182 Transport Engineering 3, CIVE1184 Hydrogeology, CIVE1185 Engineering Practice 1 (Skills for Engineering), CIVE1187 Statics, CIVE1188 Structural Analysis, CIVE1194 Construction Engineering, CIVE1199 Waste Water Treatment and Recycling, CIVE1210 Steel Structures 2, CIVE1216 Research Project Part 2, CIVE1217 Engineering Economics and Infrastructure Planning, CIVE1250 Research Project Part 1A, GEOM2131 Site Investigation Geology and Surveying, MATH2113 Differential Equations for Engineers, MATH2114 Numerical Methods/Statistics for Engineers, MATH2115 Engineering Practice 3- Mathematical Modelling for Engineers, OENG1035 Urban Systems 1, CIVE1222 Advanced Structural Assessment, CIVE1223 Systems Engineering for Civil Engineers, CIVE1227 Ethics and Legal Studies, CIVE1244 Advanced Geotechnical Design and Construction, CIVE1245 Engineering Geology and Advanced Laboratory Testing, CIVE1246 Mining Geomechanics and Civil Tunnelling, CIVE1249 Stability of Earth Structures, CIVE1253 Advanced Transport Infrastructure, CIVE1254 Infrastructure Asset Management, CIVE1255 Infrastructure Planning & Management, CIVE1257 Railway Infrastructure, CIVE1262 Advanced Road Design and Smart Pavement Materials, OENG1115 Innovation and Technology Management, OENG1116 Modelling and Simulation of Engineering Systems, OENG1117 Risk and Project Management, OENG1118 Sustainable Engineering Practice and Design, OENG1120 Research Methods in Engineering,


I have been taught to help students in their studies based on the individual's learning style to learn at their speed and cultivate the necessary skills while providing entertaining and lively instruction drive my passion for teaching and tutoring.


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Solidworks, AutoCad, Matlab, COMSOL, HyperMesh, ANSYS, UG NXCAD, CATIA, ProE. , ANSYS Fluent, Abaqus MATLAB, Pspice, Multisim, ETAP, Power World Simulator, PSCAD, PSS/E, LabVIEW, Keil uVision, C,C++,PYTHON,Java Autocad, Revit, STAAD Pro, SAP 2000, ETABS, GeoHECRAS, 3d Home Architect, 3ds Max, Bently Road Network, recon, Revit MEP, strap, Benteley watergems/sewergems, Tekla, SAFE, Prima Vera, Take off, InSINCE,Civil 3D  ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS Multiphysics, COMSOL Multiphysics, FLOW-3D, STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+, C++, Java, or MATLAB, ASPEN HYSYS & ASPEN PLUS, Process Simulators, ChemCAD

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