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Preferred Subjects

Environmental Science, GRE Quantitative, Differential Equations, Cell Biology, Geometry, Genetics, General Chemistry, General Biology, Finite Mathematics, GRE Quantitative Reasoning, Elementary Math, Biomechanics, Biology, Biotechnology, CLEP College Algebra, CLEP Chemistry, CLEP Calculus, CLEP Biology, SAT Mathematics, Science, Science, SAT Subject Test in Physics, SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2, SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 1, SAT Subject Test in Chinese with Listening, SAT Subject Test in Chemistry, SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M, Chinese, SAT Math, Trigonometry, Statistics Graduate Level, Statics, GRE Subject Test in Chemistry, GRE Subject Test in Biology, GRE Subject Test in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, IB Physics SL, Linear Algebra, Calculus 3, Calculus 2, Calculus 1, Statistics, Biostatistics, IB Mathematics SL, IB Mathematics HL, Algebra 1, IB Physics HL, Organic Chemistry, IB Chemistry SL, IB Chemistry HL, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Algebra 3/4, AP Physics 2: Mechanics, AP Physics 2: Electricity and Magnetism, AP Physics 2 - DUPE, AP Physics 1 - DUPE, AP Physics 1, AP Chinese Language and Culture, AP Chinese, Analytical Chemistry, Math, Agricultural Science, ACT Math, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus BC, AP Calculus AB, AP Biology, Algebra 2


I was awarded a Ph. D. degree in molecular biology by the University of Adelaide in 2002 and studied the Master of Teaching (Secondary) at the University of Melbourne.

Group Tutoring Subjects available:

Group tutoring is scheduled on weekends at the State Library of Victoria and aimed to link key knowledge and key skills required to the exam questions.

VCE Maths Methods 3&4
Time: 10:05 am to 11:05 am on Saturdays

VCE Chemistry 3&4
Time: 11:10 am to 12:10 pm on Saturdays

IB Mathematics SL/HL
Time: 10:05 am to 11:05 am on Sundays

IB Chemistry SL/HL
Time: 11:10 am to 12:10 pm on Sundays

During the hour of group tutoring,
- Briefly review the key knowledges stipulated by the study design (2016 to 2020)
- Analyse questions from the previous end year exams
- Show the techniques and skills to address the questions
- Give you opportunity to solve some previous year exam questions

The tutoring runs from March to October each year. Please indicate the date, time and subject when you are planning to attend. The maximum number of students per class is 5. You will surely benefit most by attending the tutoring regularly. You only need to pay $50 after each lesson or $230 for five lessons.

I have been providing tutoring for maths, physics, chemistry, biology, statistics, UMAT, and GAMSAT since 1997 and provided one-to-one tutoring, group tutoring, online tutoring, and short courses.

The VCE and IB subjects I have taught:
IB Mathematical SL, IB Mathematical HL, IB Chemistry SL, IB Chemistry HL, IB Physics SL, IB Physics HL, IB Biology SL, IB Biology HL, Maths methods, Specialist Maths, Further maths, VCE maths methods, VCE specialist maths, VCE further Maths, calculus, algebra, linear algebra, trigonometry, chemistry, VCE chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, botany, VCE physics, physics, science.

I also help preparation for GAMSAT, GAMSAT Section 3, GRE, UMAT, Edutest, SAT I, SAT II Maths level 1, Sat II Maths level 2, SAT II Biology M/E, SAT II Chemistry, SAT II Physics.

University Subjects I have taught:
Calculus, linear algebra, statistics, bioinformatics, general physics, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, molecular biology, biotechnology


I work as a part-time teaching associate at The University of Melbourne at present and I am a member of Australian Education Union (AEU) and Independent Education Union (IEU). I had worked as a postdoctoral research fellow for more than 6 years at CSIRO and the University of Melbourne respectively.

Having been working as a research scientist in the area of molecular biology more than 25 years, I gained experiences not only in biology, but in chemistry, physics and maths as well. With my extensive experience in scientific research, I can explain those abstract concepts and theories by using tangible examples, help students to understand the logic developments and intrinsic connections of concepts and theories, which ultimately help students to understand subjects thoroughly.

I normally tutor in the inner city suburbs of Melbourne or in the suburbs close to Caulfield and try my best to be as flexible as possible. Please do advise the time you prefer and I will try my best to find a suitable time slot for you.

The RATE for one to one tutoring:
My hourly rate for university subjects is $100 at a library close to Melbourne CBD.

The hourly rate for high school subjects is $90 at a library close to Melbourne CBD.

On-line tutoring and bulk payments of ten sessions are welcome and given $10 discount.

The RATE for group tutoring:
Students are encouraged to form their own group. I will try my best to meet your requirements for time, venue and topics. The hourly rate is $60/person for the group of two , $50 for the group of three and $40 for the group four and more students.

Rate for home visits
If your place is within a walking distance from a train station or tram stop, I might be able to do home visits. The charge is $200 (for high school subjects) or $220 (for university subjects) for two hours.

When one prepares a high-stakes test, the major challenge is short of time. I believe that one-to-one tutoring and small group tutoring are the most effective ways to get ready for the test. Not only can test takers choose the topics they need to study and the pace with which they are comfortable, but I can tailor the materials to suit students' background and needs. Learning also need intensive coaching just like learning to play tennis. Lots of skills and theories can be grasped quickly through practices under individual coaching. Tailoring courses to meet students' needs creates an enjoyable learning environment.

I am familiar with the present VCE study designs (2016 -2021), IB Diploma Programme curricula, SAT subjects tests for maths, physics, chemistry or biology. I tailor the key theories and skills stipulated by the study designs into tangible pieces and guide students to use these theories and skills in solving the past exam questions. I detail the school-asessed coursework (SAC) or internal assessment (IA) into tangible tasks, such as forming hypothesis, rationalising experimental designs, interpreting results and discussing errors and questions. After working with me for a period of time, most of students normally can get A+ in both SAC/IA and the end of year exams. One of my VCE students was offered a place for pursuing Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). I have tutored the student VCE chemistry (raw score 49), VCE Biology (raw score 45), VCE Physics (raw score 40), VCE Maths Methods (raw score 40). The student's final ATAR was 99.55.

THE VCE SUBJECTS (UNITS 1, 2, 3 &4) I teach:
VCE Foundation Maths, VCE General Maths, VCE Maths Methods, VCE Further Maths, VCE Specialist Maths, VCE Physics, VCE Chemistry, VCE Biology.

IB Further Mathematics HL, IB Mathematical Studies SL, IB Mathematics HL, IB Mathematics SL,
IB Physics HL, IB Physics SL, IB Biology HL, IB Biology SL ,IB Chemistry HL, IB Chemistry SL

SAT Math, SAT Subject Tests, SAT Mathematics, SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 1, SAT Subject Test in Mathematics Level 2, SAT Subject Test in Chemistry, SAT Subject Test in Chinese with Listening, SAT Subject Test in Biology E/M,

I have tutored UMAT (the Undergraduate Medical Admission Test) since 2008. My expertise in biological research gives me many advantages to develop effective strategies to solve UMAT questions, logic reasoning & problem solving and abstract non-verbal reasoning, which test student's ability in scientific reasoning. Students find my strategies very effective, especially in continuing the series, picking the middle, completing the picture, logical reasoning. Majority of my students can achieve a percentile of 95% or higher. Quite a few of my UMAT students got an average percentile of 98% in UMAT.

Statistics is a theory of information, with inference making as its objective and widely used in medical, biological, psychological, and economical research and daily work. It is now regarded as a separate field, analogous to physics—not as a branch of mathematics but as a theory of information that utilises mathematics heavily.

I have been using statistics in my scientific research work since 1988 and helped many clients and students who learned and used statistics from a wide range background, such as to analyse clinic date, design and analyse the psychological surveys, study quantitative methods used in commerce and economic areas. I have developed a strong expertise in statistics.

I provide tutoring and consultancy for statistics in biological, medical, psychological and economical areas. I provide help from understanding the complex concepts and theories, designing and analysing statistic data, and interpreting the statistic results from common used statistic programs.

I have been following GAMSAT since 2007 and I have expertise in the topics and theories frequently tested in GAMSAT Section III. I have summarised theories and concepts needed for GAMSAT section III and complied and classified the questions tested in previous years according the science developments. In this way, the GAMSAT takers find my lectures are easy to follow and to grasp. I help GAMSAT takers to link the science concepts and theories with the GAMSAT Section III questions and develop effective strategies and practise skills to solve these questions. GAMSAT participants have greatly improved their scores in GAMSAT Section III after working with me for a period of time. One client has been offered a place to pursue MBBS at the University of Sydney in 2012, one was offered a place at Deakin in 2013, quite a few received offers from Deakin and Monash for a MBBS places. One got an offer from a medical school from UK.

I am familiar with the knowledge and skills tested in Edutest and ACER scholarship tests. Two of my EduTest/scholarships students have been selected to attend The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Many of them got superior levels in their mathematics, numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning sections.

I also have experience in teaching English as a Second Language (ESL), Chinese (Mandarin), and helping students to prepare for standard exams, such as IELTS, GRE, SAT I.

Before I came to Australia to Ph. D. student, I got a B. Sc. and a M. Sc. degree in China. I teach Chinese, Mandarin at all levels. At present, I work as a casual interpreter for several Australian companies. Students got very good results in VCE (Chinese First Language, Chinese Second Language and Chinese Second Language Advanced).

I love teaching, understanding the needs of students, have the skills and experience to help students to achieve at the level they desire.

Thank you so much for your interest in my service. Meeting your needs is one of my highest priorities. If you need more information, please go to

BHG Tutoring ( makes your dreams come true!

I sincerely appreciate my previous clients who have taken time to write their comments. All these comments are very important and precious for me to improve my service. The positive ones confirm what I have done. The negative ones give me the areas and direction for me to modify my routine. I understand that there are lots of areas I do not know in maths and sciences. More detailed communication with clients are very important, which help me to judge the areas in which my clients need are within my expertise.


I like cycling in spring, swimming in summer, jogging in autumn, and skating in winter, as my home town has four distinct seasons. After the long and biting cold winter, cycling to rural areas is a marvelous way to spend a weekend. Its summer is short, one can only swim in a rive for about a month. Its autumn is lovely as leaves turn yellow and red. I thus like Melbourne's weather, four seasons a day! I can do whatever I like.

The subjects I enjoy teaching: maths methods, VCE chemistry, VCE Physics, VCE Biology, IB Maths HL, IB Maths SL, IB chemistry HL, IB Chemistry SL, IB Physics HL, IB Physics SL, IB Biology HL, IB Biology SL, UMAT, GAMSAT S3, Calculus, Linear algebra, statistics, EDUtest